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Greatest sports entertainer
Royal Rumble 
25th-Jan-2004 10:33 am
The Rock
It has come to the Rock's attention that emotions are running high for the Royal Rumble! Let the Rock make one thing, ONE thing clear: Royal Rumble will never, and the Rock means NEVER, be the same without the great one there personally!

You've all seen it! You've all seen the electricity that runs throughout each and every arena when The Rock's music hits! The crowd goes wild and cheers for the Rock! No one can and will never replace the Rock, no matter how many main events they may hold! It could be that knuckle dragging Brock Lesnar taking on that Olympic bitch whiney Kurt Angle also taking on the fat ass Big Show and still it wouldn't even come close to how great and electrifying the Rock's matches are! The match the Rock will mostly be looking forward to will be a Raw match, Triple H takes on Shawn Michaels! That match will no doubt be the high light of the night to the Rock's mind. Also Brock Lesnar takes on that hillbilly Hardcore...Now who on God's green earth wrote that match?! That's worse than the cruiserweight match! Well the Rock is going to eat some pie...Make some more movies and lay the SmackDown wherever the hell I go!!!
25th-Jan-2004 03:54 am (UTC) - Hey!!
Yo Chumpstain Wannabe Hero "their level"? What the heck is that supposed to mean? what is mine and Edges "level"?

And excuse me Mr. Olympic Geek but I am NOT pathetic!! And who the heck said we're holding a grudge against each other!?! Maybe just MAYBE we just SO happened to meet each other on here and felt like telling each how much we hate each other!! That ever occur to you Chumpstain? Plus my family is NONE of your "freaking" buisness so tard off dude!!

Geez you interfered in Eddie's family affairs and we all seen how well THAT went didn't we? So keep your big nose AWAY from me and Edge!! you hear me chumpy!??! AWAY!! You start interfering and we might end up LIKING each other! and neither me nor Edge want that. At least...I pretty sure he doesn't. So yeah just... tard off dude!!
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