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Greatest sports entertainer
You are HARD Alcohol! You like it fast and rough. Whatever gets you… 
10th-May-2004 12:59 pm
The Rock
hard alcohol
You are HARD Alcohol! You like it fast and rough.
Whatever gets you drunk the fastest pleases you
the most. Life is short right?

What Type of Drink Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You see that there?! The Rock says he knows how to have fun and the Rock sure as hell knows how to drink! Now shut up whilst the great one talks! First the Rock wants to say, Mr Angle *cough*the gay twat*cough* is the biggest pile of crap the Rock has ever seen! The Rock says for somebody to hand him a shotgun so he can shoot the dickweed you all call the SmackDown! GM! *Remebers back on the past SmackDown!* Oh hey, Mr Angle, don't worry; you see the Rock had your wife last night and she's nothing special so you got lucky being in the damn wheel chair Kurt! Celebrate! Go out! Drink! Pop a wheelie! Burn some rubber!

But anyways, the Rock wants to say that the great one thinks that this whole wheel chair, never wrestle again is another one of Kurt Angle's scams! Kurt knew the Rock was gonna beat his ass down again so he decided he'd try and fake his way out of the damn fight! Well the Rock says no! The Rock is gonna hop his ass down town and get himself a damn wheel chair and the fight will continue in a damn wheel chair!

If ya smellalalala...What the Rock...Is...burning? *sniffs* Oh damn it! The Rock's burnt his pie! *Kicks stove*
22nd-May-2004 05:00 pm (UTC) - Ay least Stone Cold aint a skinny ass monkey bitch!
You touch me and there won't BE a Peoples Strudel to go near!

Both Steves look better than your mama you pathetic jackass! *looks at cookies, grabs one and throws it at your head, it bounces off and lands on the ground* HA! HAHAAAA! Stone Cold aint related to no hill billys either! *grins* I have pictures of YOU in a dress! You want to see?! Do ya!?

*narrows eyes* Shut up you sickening strudel loving asshole! I'll see you, you pop-corn-fart obsessed weirdo at Summer Slam!

*finally reaches home ready to drink at least 30 more beers*
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