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Greatest sports entertainer
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2nd-May-2006 01:28 pm(no subject)
Samoan Tattoo
Now listen here you jabroni’s, it’s The Great One’s birthday so get off your monkey asses and wish The Rock a happy birthday. No, wait, even better, you can make The Rock’s birthday a happy one by sending him some pie. If any one of you monkeys send Mick Foley to sing happy birthday to The Rock like last year then he’ll lay the smack down on your candy asses. The Rock wants pie, not a middle aged man with an identity crisis who keeps a gym sock down his pants. That sick freak…

Speaking of freaks, Skittles, if you nudge The Rock one more time he’s going to slap the dye out of your hair. The Rock has brilliant movies to make and pie to eat. He doesn’t have time for you little people anymore. So wish The Rock a happy birthday, shut your mouth, and know your role.

*goes to look for some more pie*
20th-May-2005 06:55 am(no subject)
The Rock

Never, ever, ever, EVER let children run wild with sharpies loose in their hands. Although the little rugrats may think they're the next Michael Angelo or Vincent Van Gogh, they are indeed the next lot of pain in the asses. The great one had the grave misfortune of having the family 'round for a good ol' get together, and to The Great One's horror, when he walked up the stairs he found squiggles and blobs of black, red and blue marks all over the wall.

Oh, you see now, that was just the beginning of it. 

When The Rock went to his bedroom to change the shirt after some goof spilt their drink on it, The Great One found his entire room had confetti, balloons and banners saying 'Rock'n'Sock Connection reunion' everywhere. Now, The Great One's all for reunions - in fact, there's nothing The Rock likes doing more than rubbing it in his old school friends faces that he's a success and they're all scraping cash together just to be able to afford a happy meal every few days. But this time that schizophrenia maniac with the gym sock love went too damn far!! The next thing The Great One knew, he had camera's flashing in his eyes from all angles that it blinded The Great One and he fell backwards through a table. Of course, all you jabronis would think that that'd be the low point of The Great One's day, huh? Having to sit there for an entire hour at a tea party (YES, a tea party) with Mick Foley and his sock puppet as he nattered on and on about the "good ol' days" but the worst was yet to come.

Finally, The Rock managed to drag (and the great one litterally means drag) Mick out and smarten himself up, he had to come downstairs to find himself staring at his reflection in that shiny bald dome of Steve Austin's head. Yes. That rattlesnake, beer swelling, psychotic, ATV loving, Chub adoring freak decided to gatecrash The Rock's get together because he heard the word "beer" mentioned. That hillbilly has a nose of a blood hound - he can sniff out beer anywhere. The Great One would've whooped that rattle-shit's ass had it not been for the fact that the great one saw that fat slob's dog about to take a whizz right up against the life size Rock cut out.

That was the last straw. So The Rock grabbed that fat old mut by the collar, and dragged it's smelly ass right out front. The Rock then tied the mut to the ATV blocking The Great One's extremely flashy and extremely expensive car, turned around and walked smack bam into Austin's dome head! Had it not been for Mick popping up from nowhere and chasing Austin with his sock puppet for something called the "French Tickler" we would've had to, as Austin says it, "Unleash hell."

The Rock's extremely tired after being forced to stay up all night and clean the walls of the markers - I did try and convince her to just move houses but she said that was crazy and stupid. The Great One thinks she's crazy and stupid for making The Rock wear HER pink apron, with HER pink gloves and make The Great One scrub the walls) and is now going to have some pie.

10th-May-2004 12:59 pm(no subject)
The Rock
hard alcohol
You are HARD Alcohol! You like it fast and rough.
Whatever gets you drunk the fastest pleases you
the most. Life is short right?

What Type of Drink Are You?
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You see that there?! The Rock says he knows how to have fun and the Rock sure as hell knows how to drink! Now shut up whilst the great one talks! First the Rock wants to say, Mr Angle *cough*the gay twat*cough* is the biggest pile of crap the Rock has ever seen! The Rock says for somebody to hand him a shotgun so he can shoot the dickweed you all call the SmackDown! GM! *Remebers back on the past SmackDown!* Oh hey, Mr Angle, don't worry; you see the Rock had your wife last night and she's nothing special so you got lucky being in the damn wheel chair Kurt! Celebrate! Go out! Drink! Pop a wheelie! Burn some rubber!

But anyways, the Rock wants to say that the great one thinks that this whole wheel chair, never wrestle again is another one of Kurt Angle's scams! Kurt knew the Rock was gonna beat his ass down again so he decided he'd try and fake his way out of the damn fight! Well the Rock says no! The Rock is gonna hop his ass down town and get himself a damn wheel chair and the fight will continue in a damn wheel chair!

If ya smellalalala...What the Rock...Is...burning? *sniffs* Oh damn it! The Rock's burnt his pie! *Kicks stove*
4th-Mar-2004 03:13 am(no subject)
The Rock
Finally...The Rock HAS come back...To Raw!! And the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, people's champ The Rock is gonna be layin the smackdown wherever he goes!! Those punk bitches called Evolution better recognise who their dealing with! Their dealing with the Rock'n'Sock connection and the millions...and millions...of the rock's fans all over the world! I mean look at who we're facing at WrestleMania, Randy Ortan that third generation freak, Batista the over-grown monkey and Ric Falir, probably the oldest man alive! The Rock says the Rock'n'Sock connection are kick ALL their candy asses and make WrestleMania XX the best show to ever hit the TV in twenty years!!

The Rock says so far the best match up should be the Triple threat and Kurt Vs Eddie match. The Rock says Shawn Michaels will kick that missing link Triple H and that toothless geek Chris Benoit's ass! The Rock also thinks that Eddie will defeat Kurt, The Rock means this is Latino Heat we're talking about! Not the Red white and bald! The Latino Heat will beat Kurt and The Rock will laugh as Kurt cries once again because he's scrwed up his chance!!! hahahaha!!! Also The Rock wants to state that the Rock is better than Kurt!!
25th-Jan-2004 10:33 am - Royal Rumble
The Rock
It has come to the Rock's attention that emotions are running high for the Royal Rumble! Let the Rock make one thing, ONE thing clear: Royal Rumble will never, and the Rock means NEVER, be the same without the great one there personally!

You've all seen it! You've all seen the electricity that runs throughout each and every arena when The Rock's music hits! The crowd goes wild and cheers for the Rock! No one can and will never replace the Rock, no matter how many main events they may hold! It could be that knuckle dragging Brock Lesnar taking on that Olympic bitch whiney Kurt Angle also taking on the fat ass Big Show and still it wouldn't even come close to how great and electrifying the Rock's matches are! The match the Rock will mostly be looking forward to will be a Raw match, Triple H takes on Shawn Michaels! That match will no doubt be the high light of the night to the Rock's mind. Also Brock Lesnar takes on that hillbilly Hardcore...Now who on God's green earth wrote that match?! That's worse than the cruiserweight match! Well the Rock is going to eat some pie...Make some more movies and lay the SmackDown wherever the hell I go!!!
23rd-Jan-2004 10:30 am(no subject)
The Rock
This is The Rock's first entry and it's going to be spectacular.


Because the Rock said so, you sick freeeeeak! The Rock is going to eat some pie in a minute so The Rock will make this sweet and short: I am the greateast champion because I've done it all! Yes, I've done it all. The Rock's beaten that old has been Hollywood Hulk Hogan and went down as the greatest icon in the history of the WWE, The Rock's beaten that redneck beer drinking middle finger raising Steve Austin, The Olympic crybaby Kurt Angle, The Rock's beaten that ape Triple H and The Rock's beaten the deadman Undertaker! The Rock's done it all and there's nothing you jabroni's can do about it! The Rock's going to eat some pie, make some more box office hit movies, talk some smack and do what the Rock does best....And that's laying the SmackDown! If you smellalalalalala....What the Rock...is....cooking?!
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