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Greatest sports entertainer
This is The Rock's first entry and it's going to be spectacular.… 
23rd-Jan-2004 10:30 am
The Rock
This is The Rock's first entry and it's going to be spectacular.


Because the Rock said so, you sick freeeeeak! The Rock is going to eat some pie in a minute so The Rock will make this sweet and short: I am the greateast champion because I've done it all! Yes, I've done it all. The Rock's beaten that old has been Hollywood Hulk Hogan and went down as the greatest icon in the history of the WWE, The Rock's beaten that redneck beer drinking middle finger raising Steve Austin, The Olympic crybaby Kurt Angle, The Rock's beaten that ape Triple H and The Rock's beaten the deadman Undertaker! The Rock's done it all and there's nothing you jabroni's can do about it! The Rock's going to eat some pie, make some more box office hit movies, talk some smack and do what the Rock does best....And that's laying the SmackDown! If you smellalalalalala....What the Rock...is....cooking?!
23rd-Jan-2004 02:53 am (UTC)
did you...just call me... "The Olympic crybaby"? Yes I believe you did. Well let me tell you Mister Rock, any more of such dis-respectful language and we'll see who's the crybaby once I get you in the Ankle lock!! Cause just like Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Jericho, Vince, Haas, Shelton, Rey and soooooo many others you shall be tapping like a sissy and crying for your mommy!!

*stomps off in search of Benoit so I can beat his ass again*
23rd-Jan-2004 11:58 pm (UTC) - Shut the hell up Kurt!
Kurt Angle...Kurt, who in the blue hell do you think you are?! Who do you think you are coming onto The Rock's journal and try to diis him?! It doesn't matter who you think you are you stupid son of a bitch! You think you can make the great one tap?! I say, 'Just Bring It Jabroni!' First the Rock will Rock Bottom your ass into the mat, then The Rock will lay the SmackDown! when the Rock drops the peoples elbow! And the Rock will then the count of 1...2...3...If ya smellalalalalal...what the Rock..is...cooking?!
24th-Jan-2004 12:07 am (UTC) - Re: Shut the hell up Kurt!
*laughs* dream on Rock. And who do *I* think I am? who the freaking hell do you think you are going around dis'ing ME?! And instead of sitting there dreaming up your little scenarios of how you wish you could beat me... why don't YOU just bring your out of shape ass back to the WWE and we'll have a match and see who really is the "great" one.

- Kurt -
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